Private Sessions

Private sessions are over the phone, for 60 minutes. Please email, text or call for current pricing and to schedule an appointment: or 802-318-6901. Scroll down for info on a “spiritual reading” session.

Spiritual Cheerleading

Whether you have experienced the death of someone you care about, are engaged in the dying process of a loved one, or are simply looking to find your way back to center, I would love to support you. Using practical tools of awareness and choice, we will work together to shift energy, emotions, and thought patterns. In doing so, you can experience inner peace and joy regardless of the external circumstances in your life.

Rather than being a coach or advisor, I am a cheerleader at heart with a passion for uplifting the human spirit. I will cheer you on in difficult times, support you on your life’s path, and encourage you in the next steps of your soul’s evolution. As you let go of old stories and cultural conditioning, you can more fully embrace who you are and live a more meaningful, balanced, and joy-filled life.

My guiding principles:

  • You are more than your body
  • Perspective influences everything
  • Awareness + choice = transformation
  • Joy is not a luxury, it’s a necessity
  • Connection is an antidote to loss and grief

Spiritual Readings

I also offer spiritual readings, which are another kind of communication.

Basically, these readings are all about tuning in and communicating spirit-to-spirit. I use my intuitive tools and guidance to “look at” your energy and the energy around you. Then I “read” what I “see” on this vibrational level, and I share this information with you. We can be as conversational as you’d like, or you can simply listen.

Sometimes I may see images of symbols, scenarios or people. Other times I may simply find words to articulate dynamics or patterns I notice. Each reading is different. More often than bringing up things you don’t know, a reading will affirm what you already do know on a deeper level. You are an equal participant (even if I’m the one doing most of the talking)!

We can look at your overall energy flow, or we can focus on more specific areas of your life such as family, relationships, life purpose, life transitions, work and health. If there’s healing you would like, or a question you have, that can be part of our time together as well. My intention is to support you in connecting to the spirit of who you are, moving stagnant energy, and taking your next steps on your life’s path.

I call these spiritual readings because that’s what resonates with me. Others may use the words psychic or clairvoyant. Psychic simply means “of the soul” and clairvoyant means “clear sight” or “seeing clearly.” I tend to naturally be more claircognizant (yes, that’s a word), using my sense of “knowing” to guide me.

Though I do not offer grief counseling, I am very willing to look at areas of your life related to grief, loss, death and dying during a spiritual reading. Looking at the energy of these experiences can be quite valuable, especially as a way to discern if emotions and recurring thoughts are yours, someone else’s, or old patterns you may have learned from your family or culture. If you feel stuck, a session may help get things moving again.

It would be a pleasure to connect and communicate with you in this way.

What is my background in spiritual readings?

Since I was a child, I sensed that we are more than our bodies. I loved pondering mystical things like God and poetry and what happens when we die. As a teenager, the idea that “energy is neither created nor destroyed” captured my attention and curiosity.

After 19 years of Catholic schools (yes, daycare through college), and over a decade of exploring Western and Eastern spirituality, I began studying energy awareness. I learned Reiki when I was my mom’s caregiver after she was diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer in 2003. Soon after that, I began focusing on intuitive development, also known as psychic training.

For almost two decades, I’ve had the honor of studying with world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and clairvoyant, Michael J. Tamura. Having completing various programs, I’ve been registered as a non-denominational minister since 2012. I continue to be actively engaged in my learning by attending classes and retreats, and participating in practice sessions and group healings with fellow students.

Learning to be grounded and more neutral, to let go of energy that isn’t mine, and to be more aware of the filters through which I experience life has been eye-opening and incredibly freeing. In the overall scheme of things, I’m still a beginner on this path. And yet I’ve been a spiritual cheerleader for my entire life, rooting for connection to the unseen world. YAY Spirit!

Kind words from others about their experiences:

Jennifer’s method is a unique combination of intuitive insight, gentleness and being clearly direct. I found my reading to be accurate and very helpful!” Johnny D., Florida

“My reading with Jen was full of depth, clarity, and was spot on in every way. She discerned the issues in my life where I’ve felt stuck and stagnant, and shared how I can move forward energetically in those areas with ease. I left the session feeling supported, loved and valued.” Jill J., South Dakota.

“I had the pleasure of having Jennifer take an energetic look at the two businesses that I have co-founded . . . She looked at a number of key areas, including the overall alignment of the businesses, key participants, and next steps. Much of what she shared validated my own insights, and allowed me to see people and situations more clearly. I highly recommend Jennifer as a very clear and amazingly capable psychic reader.” R.B.J., Nevada.

“Jen, thank you for such a wonderful intuitive reading. Your insights were both illuminating and healing for me, and I appreciate that you touched on so many different aspects of my life – personal, professional, and family. I loved your use of imagery and colors during the reading – for me, it added even more depth to what you communicated. Even though we were thousands of miles apart during the session, I felt that we were connected and that you were fully present with me. In the month since my reading, I’ve noticed feeling clearer and lighter, and I’ve returned several times to the notes I took after, finding more to reflect on and learn from. Thank you for the gift of your compassion and insight.” Christine E., Vermont

“It was so nice to have a neutral, unbiased and objective reading from such a gifted individual. Jennifer helped me tie up several loose ends that I couldn’t quite see, and get a broader view of my issues. I felt energized and refreshed after my session with her. If I had only one word to use to describe my experience, I’d have to say: Clarity.” Sena F., Brazil

“Jen’s approach to reading my spiritual energy through the chakra system provided a template for embodied understanding of the opportunities and challenges that are present in my life. Her ability to use down-to-earth language in offering her visions helped me comprehend guidance that I sensed, but was just out of reach.” Judy D., Oregon

“After the reading with Jen, the situation with my family started to change and some of my family members became softer and more open . . . Also, throughout the reading I was truly seen, and because of that a lot of healing could happen. Great work! Thank you so much!” M.J., Switzerland

“My reading felt like an affirmation of all that I’m feeling and focusing on these days. Jen’s view into my spirit gave me an outsider’s view of myself and it is exciting and comforting to know that she saw those things that I feel are at the core of my life right now.” Renee C., California

“This experience was truly fascinating . . . At points I had chills, feelings of joy and deep resonance – and even soft happy tears as Jen shared her vision and words. Very illuminating and healing. And filled with so much love.” Julie S., Vermont

“Jennifer’s reading helped me feel a whole world of more clarity. She helped me clear out energies that were getting in the way of my neutrality. I really felt like I got back ownership of my energetic space. A reading with Jen is a healing and a blessing!” Katrina R., New York